10th Annual
Running For The Wells 10k/5k
Marin Headlands, Sausalito, CA, San Francisco Bay Area
December 15, 2018
Benefitting World Harvest Mission's Water Well Projects in Uganda

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World Harvest Mission and Your Donations

World Harvest Mission

World Harvest Mission (WHM, www.worldharvestmission.org) is a non-profit Christian relief organization working in East Africa. I am personally connected to the group’s founder, William Kasiyre, who was a close friend growing up with my mentor Eridard Mukasa in Uganda. After Eridard’s untimely passing of liver cancer in 2001, I was approached by William about making an extended trip with his team to Uganda in 2002.

I made the trip in June of 2002 and was awed by the beauty of the country and its people. It was an incredibly rewarding personal journey, meeting with the former associates of my mentor/pastor and seeing the country he was from. I also had an opportunity to work with a number of school children, medical personnel and church organizations dedicated to improving the living conditions of all of Uganda’s people. The relationships I established and the continued fruit of those relationships live on to this day. My friend’s spirit and hope have become driving forces behind my personal support for this organization.

The humanitarian crises in East Africa with AIDS, malaria, economic depression, and civil unrest are just a few of the issues that continue to need to be addressed, having been brought to the forefront in recent years. Their definition of poverty and crisis far outstrips what our definition is here in America. We are raising money to build water wells in outlying villages. These wells are critical to providing a fresh water supply to the villages.

Each well costs approximately $4,000 and 100% of all funds collected goes to building the wells. Each well provides fresh water for approximately 1000+ people on average!

1. Why Donate?
There are a number of worthy and worthwhile causes out there to give money towards. I believe in the mission of ensuring that the people of this world have their basic needs met is one of them. World Harvest Mission (
www.worldharvestmission.org) works in a region of the world that has been long neglected and working diligently in its own way. The organization's founder, William Kasiyre, has a personal interest in seeing his homeland overcome the humanitarian crises that have plagued East Africa. It starts with providing for the basic needs such as wells for fresh water, but need the help of individuals such as yourself for that to come to fruition.

2. If I Donate, How Will My Money Be Used?
Unlike here in America, water is not something to take for granted in East Africa. Basic services such as fresh water are not guaranteed and the organization will use your donation to build wells in villages that do not have ready access to fresh water.

3. What Organizations Does World Harvest Mission Partner With In Uganda And Rwanda To Accomplish Their Work?
The well building program is accomplished using local contractors and materials. The money used to build the wells not only provides fresh water for the villagers, it provides a much needed boost to local business to help economically change the situation in Uganda. World Harvest Mission hires local city engineers to do the building work. This helps stimilate local economic activity and helps build goodwill with local engineers who will eventually help maintain the wells in the future.

They also have a child sponsorship program which is a partnership with organizations such as Gaba Community Church and African Renewal Ministries. Organizations in many African countries can not count on the government to provide funding, so many churches and church-based organizations have stepped in to help fill in the many gaps. In the past couple years, World Harvest Mission has assisted in working closely with the African Renewal Ministries program in Gaba and Gaba Community Church through school building projects and sponsorship programs. This program provides lunch, tuition, supplies, and a pair of shoes for each child enrolled in its program.

Related local organizations:
Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM)-http://www.africarenewal.org/
Gaba Community Church website-http://www.gabachurch.org/

4. How Do I Know World Harvest Mission Is A Reputable Organization?
World Harvest Mission is a federally registered non-profit organization according to all applicable federal codes/laws. Their purpose and mission is provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the most vulnerable adult and child populations. World Harvest Mission is an affiliate of Gospel Ministers and Churches International, which is based in Glendale, Arizona. Tax ID Number can be provided upon request.

5. How Can I Learn More About What World Harvest Mission Does?
There are multiple organizations with the same name, so please visit their website at www.worldharvestmission.org for more information. There are many articles about their work listed and numerous photos/stories to look at. All of the organization's work is done by volunteers, which mean that 100% of what you give today goes to its intended purpose. If you have questions about donations or would like to contact the president, William Kasiyre, you can email him at william@worldharvestmission.org.

Media Coverage and Pictures of World Harvest Mission's Work
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Other articles and pictures can be found on World Harvest Mission's website.

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If your check is connected with the run or our fundraising efforts, you can choose to send it directly to World Harvest Mission; please email me, Jonathan Gunderson, at
gundy80@gmail.com to inform me of your donation so it can be counted towards our totals and I can thank you appropriately. Checks can be sent should be made payable to “World Harvest Mission” with "Running For The Wells" in the memo line. They can be sent to World Harvest Mission, 524 Santa Cruz Ct., El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. You will receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes. Your consideration to support the good works of this organization is greatly appreciated.